User Terms and Policies

User Policies: By accessing and using this service, you agree to the following terms and policies.  If you do not agree, you must exit this site immediately.

Mission Statement: Arbiz.Net is a web page designed to advertise, promote, and showcase Arkansas businesses, products and services in an affordable and professional manner.  This includes a web page and search engine optimization for their Arbiz.Net page exclusively for members through MCDLink, Inc.   Arbiz.Net will provide a link for members with an existing  web address for that particular business.  We will only accept businesses of moral and ethical content.

Terms and Policies:  We do our best to exclude any inappropriate and/or offensive listings.  These resources are provided for information purposes only and we make no claim as to the accuracy of the information provided. Information for listings and advertisements are submitted to Arbiz.Net by site owners, advertising companies, website designers, and other third parties.  Listings and advertisements do not represent an endorsement by Arbiz.Net.  Users of this site should determine the usefulness to themselves of any listings or advertisements.  If you find a site listed that is inappropriate, please feel free to contact us at #501-580-5989 or use our contact page.   Arbiz.Net disclaims any responsibility for any harm resulting from downloading or accessing any information or material on the Internet through Arbiz.Net.  You further understand Arbiz.Net disclaims any liability and use of this service is solely at your own risk.  We do not and cannot guarantee that any search results or category contents will be a complete representation of everything available.

Arbiz.Net will not be held liable for any delays or failures directly or indirectly related to weather, equipment failures, Internet disruption, non-performance, illness, war, sleep, delays, as well as from any other foreseeable or unforeseeable acts or occurrences.  When you use this site, you are not receiving a license or any other rights from us, including intellectual property or other proprietary rights of Arbiz.Net  Neither Arbiz.Net nor its employees are liable for errors appearing on this website, or pages linked to from this website.  Neither Arbiz.Net nor its employees are responsible for any misrepresentations, which may be made by any third-party, or for any dispute, which might arise between a consumer and a third-party.   At no time will Arbiz.Net request your name, address, or telephone number unless you are an advertiser or a subscriber.  At no time will Arbiz.Net send newsletters, advertisements or special offers.  All visitors are welcome.  We encourage you to bookmark our site and to provide a link to www.Arbiz.Net homepage or relevant category onto your site so visitors can benefit from this resource.  Children under age 18 should not use Arbiz.Net without parental supervision.

The above listed User Policies and Terms apply to subscribers and advertisers as well as to visitors of Arbiz.Net.  By advertising on or subscribing to Arbiz.Net, you agree to those terms and policies as well as the following.

Arbiz.Net is a privately owned business that will provide a link to your business webpage as well as information on your service or company in the Arbiz.Net listing.   If the required category for your business isn’t listed, use the contact page for a solution.

An assigned web page address  belongs to that business while it is active with Arbiz.Net.

This is for one specific location only.  Some businesses may require multiple site or location listings.  In this event, Arbiz.Net may be contacted at  #501-580-5989 or use our contact page for the cost of this service.

Arbiz.Nets’  goal is to provide quality and relevant resources to our visitors and therefore Arbiz.Net must be both selective and thorough in reviewing all listings submitted for publication.  We highly recommend that you review the below listed guidelines to ensure that your site is appropriate for Arbiz.Net prior to submitting  the business for publication.  On the submission form we provide space for your suggested title, description and preferred category. Business descriptions are unlimited and should contain information specifically pertaining to that business.  Up to 20 photos may be placed on the business page.

Please review these general guidelines to determine if your site is appropriate:

  • Do not submit sites that have no relevance to Arkansas.
  • Do not submit mirror sites that contain the same content as an already listed site housed on a different URL. No duplicate listings.
  • Do not submit sites that promote, advertise, or encourage illegal activity,  Violence,  hate speech,  fraud,  drug use,  gambling, hacking,  etc. will not be listed.
  • Do not submit sites that display images, promote services, sell products, or content in the adult sex industry.   No pornographic material,  images,  or links will be listed.
  •  Arbiz.Net will visit your business submission and confirm that the content is appropriate. Your site will be reviewed within 48 hours and will be immediately viewable upon approval.

Updating Your Site:
If you change your URL, company name, or products, then please make the necessary changes in a timely manner.

Please verify:  That you understand,

The  Active Membership, “12 month” fee for this service is an introductory price of $150.00.

  Any payment is non-refundable in the event your business withdraws, closes or is removed for being deemed inappropriate for Arbiz.Net.  You understand that this is for one listing.  You understand that your site is guaranteed a listing as long as it continues to meet with the guidelines provided above. That site placement, descriptions, titles, and keywords are at Arbiz.Net’s discretion.   That you understand that if your site quits working or changes in such a way that it would be inappropriate, it will be removed.  That you are 18 years of age or older.  That the laws of Arkansas govern this agreement and that any disputes arising from this agreement shall be governed by Arkansas law.  That Arbiz.Net’s failure to enforce a provision of this agreement does not waive their right to enforce it in the future.  That in the event one section or provision of this agreement is deemed invalid, the rest of the agreement shall remain in force.