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Several Gentlemens Canes, may customize to order.

Kindred Farms

PO Box 411
Damascus Arkansas
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Kindred Farms is an arts and crafts business focusing on Arkansas products. All products are made by hand with material authentic to Arkansas. The farm is also dedicated to growing Dexter cattle. This breed is known worldwide for the temperament, size, hardiness, milk production and beef characteristics.

Kindred Farms

Kindred Farms is an arts and crafts shop focusing on all  handmade items made from authentic materials.  We make gentlemen Canes at this time using authentic whitetail deer antlers, Bubinga, Padauk and Purple Heart accents or spacers.  All of the canes utilize Black or English Walnut from Arkansas.  We also make custom hand-made cutting boards as well as antler tip bottle openers and key chains.  All canes are created to be very strong but are not a substitute for any medically required aide.  Custom canes are available in your choice of materials, accents, joinery, handle shapes and lengths.

All items are available to purchase.  Contact Kindred Farms for any customizing for canes or any item.

Kindred Farms is dedicated to raising Dexter cattle.  This is a breed of cattle that has multiple purposes.  We have several registered as well as non-registered dexter here and will be made available in the near future.  All cattle are dexter, either registered or both parents have been observed as dexter cattle.

Visit the link to read about Dexter cattle,

Visit their website at

Dexter cattle are a tri-purpose breed: beef, milk, and draft. As such, breeders should strive to produce well conformed, welltempered
animals that efficiently meet the demands of all three purposes without straying into the extremes of strictly dairy or
strictly beef characteristics. The ideal Dexter cow should experience no problems at parturition and should display appropriately
strong maternal instincts. She should produce enough rich milk to raise a healthy calf with a substantial weaning weight while
still providing a reasonable amount of milk for her owner. Dexter bulls should be even tempered, balanced-looking athletes that
perform their breeding tasks without losing a smooth, muscled condition. Dexter steers should produce heavy carcasses that
produce the finest quality beef that displays sufficient marbling. Dexter oxen should display the intelligence and cooperative
temperament that deems them excellent candidates for stout, amiable, long-lived draft animals. And every Dexter, whether
cow, heifer, calf, bull, steer, or oxen, should display attributes of thriftiness that are the trademark of this hardy heritage breed.
Dexters are not a miniature breed; their size is not due to breeding programs aimed at miniaturization. As the smallest naturally
-statured breed in the world, their size of bone, depth of body, and shortness of leg should compose a consistently uniform harmony
throughout the animal’s body. A Dexter should look balanced and smoothly blended with proportions that result in a uniform,
harmonious, graceful animal. Characteristics that determine the feeding ability, reproductive capacity, health, vigor and
longevity should be apparent:
 broad mouth and large nostrils
 wide and deep chest capacity, as determined by the length and fullness of the fore ribs and width of chest floor
 deep heart girth and well-sprung ribs encasing the diaphragm, heart and lungs

Kindred Farms Kindred Farms Kindred Farms newest arrival Kindred Farms Dexter Cattle Dexter Cattle Custom cutting boards. Custom cutting boards. Antler bottle openers and keychains. Kindred Farms Whitetail antler handles. Kindred Farms Deer Antler Hiking Canes, may customize to order. RHF Amos Moses, ADCA # 042131, Dunn, Double Polled A2-A2

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